Star dust people

So your quirky, slightly out there friend had it right.

You ARE made of star dust.

Scientists have recently found that at least half of the atoms that make up our body have come from the other side of the galaxy.

That’s pretty cool.

But let me ask you something …

Do you LIVE as if you were made up of star dust?

Or do you live as if you were the dust of stars left under the couch by the cosmic cleaner?

Perspective is everything.

Your attitude changes everything.

Glass half-empty or half-full?

Changes the whole game.

It’s such a simple choice but it has huge knock on effects down stream, in all parts of your life.

I saw another serious science study -

If you thought you were anxious and overwhelmed by something then you performed badly,

But if you labelled the same physical symptoms as “excitement” -

You performed much better than when you told yourself you were anxious.

Cool huh?

Your mind filters and transforms everything you see.

It interprets it all and creates your reality.

Star dust or couch dust?

Up to you.

So being more positive is the first step -

Because it rearranges all that internal programming and filters of negativity and overwhelm and guilt.

The next step is to get in touch with that experience of presence and stillness beyond thinking.

Then you can experience life AS IT IS rather than as your mind tells you it is.

It’s not that hard to do, actually.

Be present to this moment.

Rather than tune into the things around you, or even your body,

Relax back into that sense of You -

That sense of awareness and presence that is the source of your senses.

The You that hasn't and won't change ever.

The core of your being.

There …

And if that DOES seem like hard work -

Or you can’t do it when and where you want,

I would start with my FREE guide to doing just that.

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Go well, star people!

(never thought I’d write that - heh heh)



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