Sued For Millions Over A Beach Party

Summer festivals - You remember them?

I USED to go,

When I was young and carefree and had no responsibilities …

Sigh …

They promised so much,

And delivered so much in terms of rain, mud and falling on your arse.

(I AM being SO glass half empty aren’t I?)

But I remember one festival where we decided to walk in and jump the fence.

I didn’t check the map, thinking my buddy had it sorted.

He promised a days walk, turning up just in time for New Years Eve

(this is New Zealand so it’s summer)

We took a day’s worth of food for the journey.

2 days later we turned up, starving and having missed it all.

We spent New Years Eve huddled together in a hut we found.

Ha. Teach us for being cheap huh?

You might have noticed the fuss about the Fyre Festival

My story pales in comparison to that -

It promised a luxury festival in the Bahamas at a premium price -

US$12,000 for some tickets.

And delivered nothing.

Just wide open sand and white bread and iceberg lettuce and misery and confusion.

The organisers made a monumental error of judgement.

And are now being sued for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Wow -

I don’t really get that suing business.

The organisers weren’t arrogant about it -

They sounded like they were genuine in trying to make it right.

I guess suing is to make sure they never go into business again?

So they REALLY learn the error of their ways?

That they’re so bankrupt that they can’t refund tickets?

And have to join the dole queue?

Anyhoo -


We all make them.

Sometimes the consequences are disastrous.

But by far the worst thing - by far - is the self-criticism and the guilt that goes along with it.

Even the littlest of slip ups can cause a barrage of mind attack.

Not useful at all, is it?

It’s one of the reasons I got into this game.

Simply to get perspective on mistakes.

To learn from them but not let my head go on and on about it forever.

To make amends best I could and then have an end to the guilt.

How about you?

You’d like that too?

To master your mind and be the best version of you, guilt freeee! hurrah!

Here's 108 Ways to do just that: Go well!