May The Fourth of what?

Totally confused: All day yesterday -

People saying “may the fourth be with you”

4th of May

Stars Wars day?


Yeah I missed it too

Though if you have star wars fans in your family

You couldn’t have missed it.

You would understand.

Is it only males that are Star Wars people?

I guess I’ll find out when Bubba grows up.

May be this is a new departure into a whole girly world of pinkness and unicorns for me?

I’ll let you know how she turns out …

Understanding is important, crucial even when connecting with people

The fact is a great amount of women came last night

To an online training for busy stressed out mums and how to be cool, calm and collected

Even in the midst of it a busy family life

If you missed it, it’ll still be up for a little while (head this way if you want to see it)

Interesting though -

I came in for a bit of criticism before hand

One lady said “I had no idea what mums go through”

And that is absolutely true.

Yet - I’m super good at listening so I’ve learnt a lot over the years

Understanding IS key so you can start talking and support

But yet, to be honest, despite the challenges of life being vastly different to different people,

Say a soldier to a mum …

The solutions are really quite similar.

Sometimes though if you’re offered a solution,

It will mean DOING something different

And that there can be threatening,

Because you can no longer blame anyone else.



If you’re a busy mum and interested in DOING something about ending stress and struggle and wot not?

This a great way to get started:

And we'll keep chatting about this stuff so you can really get to grips with it.


Fire away!