Taking Out The Trash!

Trash?! How American of me. But it was the only way I could get a little alliteration in there. I love alliteration.

OK - so I’m moving house in the weekend -

Boxes are everywhere.

“Precious” items coming out of cupboards and being discarded as we actually haven’t been in that cupboard for years.

It’s all a bit ruthless - getting rid of the crud, the junk, the stuff that we just don’t use.

But I love it.

I love having a clear out because the less junk you have the more (obviously) external clarity you have.

It gives you a sense of lightness and possibility and freedom, just in your living space - but also in your mind.

Somehow you also get more inner clarity too.

I love that.

It’s the same when I had a PC computer.

Degragging that beast gave me great pleasure.

Clearing up, putting all the mess away in appropriate places,

It made my machine work so much better.

Loved that also.

It feels so good.

Clearing up is the same with you and your head -

The Ishayas’ Ascension meditation does what you need in terms of a spring clean - but every day!

And it's enjoyable too.

Done every day it gives you clarity and focus and a greater sense of purpose than ever before.

It sorts out your thoughts and gives you that head space -

So you can calmly go about your day and do the things you want to do.

With perspective, and not the mad rush of fighting fires everywhere, getting stressed, getting anxious.

Not reacting, not getting triggered, grumpy and absent minded, but clear!

Clear and happy so you can make the choices you'd like to make instead of jumping to the ones you don't want to make.

All for a much more productive and enjoyable life.


If I were you, I would go here without delay. We'll get you started:


Take it easy! Arjuna


What do you find hard work in life?

What are your greatest challenges?

If you would, hit reply and let me know -

Then I can help you so much more.

Keep them coming - and thank you!