Thanks … And About Bad Habits

I've been asking people to write in. I want you to tell me what your biggest challenges are in regard to your levels of calm, focus and happiness, and being the best version of yourself.


It helps me to help you, so much.

Thank you for those who have - I know it takes some gonads to declare this stuff, but I really appreciate it.

And -

If YOU know what the biggest obstacles are in your life you can make a plan to overcome them.

One clear thing that is coming through being a challenge is habits -

Bad habits that mean you don’t do the things you really want to do

Or that mean your relationships aren’t as good as they could be

(simply because you annoy the crap out of your partner when you do these things)

Some of these habits are small, tiny things that lead to small tiny annoyances.

But some are big things that mean your partner perhaps is seriously wondering if you are at all interested in changing for them.

They think you won’t change and therefore they’ve either given up or worse …

May even be looking elsewhere.

It can happen without you even realising.

“Everything is fine” you think - and then: BOOM.

They drop THAT conversation on you and your world seriously gets shaken.

That’s what we don’t realise -

Partially because you don’t communicate with them on this kind of level regularly enough -

Partially because the focus can be about just getting through the day -

It means you don't step back and look at “how can I do some small things to really make my life better?”

Because if you had the above focus then one of the things you would be doing is talking a lot with your partner about how you can give more to them.

Habits are hard to change without motivation to do so.

The best motivation sometimes comes from some one else.

You really get off your arse if you realise how much you’re making your loved ones lives much harder work.

So find your motivation.

Talk this stuff over with your lady or your gentleman …

Find out what they want

See what obstacles within yourself there are to giving them that …

And make a plan together to overcome these obstacles.

Carry out the plan. Keep communicating, tweak plan if necessary, enjoy the rewards.


More lovin' and passion, more aliveness, more excitement. Being part of a team. Connection. More understanding and less stress, less arguments. Fun. Not just sleep walking through life.

Those kind of rewards.

The greatest foundation for seeing this stuff with clarity is Ascension meditation.

Clarity and perspective are wonderful things.

Go here and I’ll help you with all this, and more: Go well!

Arjuna -


If you haven't, do write in and tell me what challenges you’re facing.

It means I can help you so much more, and I’ll reply to you for sure.

arjuna(at) is the address

Thank you!