Tenacity - (Such A Good Word)

tenacityI’ve been for a run, closed my eyes and done my Ascension meditation, and now have coffee in hand. All is as it should be. All is well.

Little rituals bring so much to you - especially when they allow you to approach the day with clarity and perspective and good humour.

You never know when you need good humour.

It’s always an excellent thing to pack for your travels. Very handy thing to have around.

The other thing is tenacity.

And it's such a good word.

Go on - say it slow ... say it fast ... say it with feeling ...

My favourite Ascension meditation “clients” all have it in bucketloads.

- I suppose you could call them clients, in that the word client has connotations of being under patronage or protection.

And that’s exactly the way I feel about the people who come and learn Ascension meditation.

I want to look after them, to care and nurture and guide and protect from confusion and bad advice.

Anyway -

The best way they can help me help them is to be tenacious.

To keep going and keep asking questions until they really “get” it.

Till it makes sense to them, in their way.

That doesn’t take long at all - but you’ll be surprised by how many never practice, never ask.

If you don’t practice you don’t get nothing, and if you don’t ask - I can’t help.

Tenacity isn’t violent at all - it’s quiet, patient persistence.

Like water dripping, it'll wear through stone.

And it brings the world. It has to, because nothing is allowed to get in the way.

The clients who don’t settle for less and ask all the way are wonderful.

The ones who ask questions and then, to the best of their ability, apply that new knowledge are even better.

Part of learning to be more calm, clear and with excellent happiness is simply to practice.

The other part is to get rid of doubt.

Good humour and gentle tenacity is the way to go in both.

I can’t see how they would fail to help in ANY endeavour. Do you?

That’s my words for today, for what they are worth.

Have a fine weekend, remember to get your tickets for CHOICE the film on Monday in Darlo.

I’ll tell you next week about the next evening class Ascension meditation course so you can hop on before Christmas and have the best Christmas ever.

Keep the Peace! Arjuna

PS - tickets for CHOICE right here: https://tickets.demand.film/event/1214