The End of Days?

end-of-daysI see there’s a bit of consternation about as the US elections come to a close. Just like Brexit, there are more than a few people wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And an equal number of people high fiving and doing victory dances.

I’m not here to talk politics though.

But if you’re all caught up in a Brexit and Trump future -

or actually, caught up in ANYTHING - 

I just want to suggest that you may have a choice in the middle of it all.

As Tyler Durden once said,

“This is your life, and it’s ending one moment at a time”.

The question for me has always been:

How do you want to fill YOUR moments?

With panic, anxiety, worry, fear?

With righteousness and anger?

See, I’ve found none of those help anything, least of all my peace of mind and my clarity.

Ideas in my own head cause more suffering than any physical injury, than any cancer, than anything.

First off they rarely come true.

And even if they do come true, the thinking about something is way worse than the actual event.

Waste mental and emotional energy on an idea, or on a future that hasn’t arrived?

Not for me. Time IS ticking.

It’s not a case of sticking your head in the sand and ignoring reality.

But when you detach from fear and frustration, when you learn to be calm, focussed and present you can meet the need of this moment,

You can see what is real, and what is a possibility.

Ask yourself - what do you have?

For real?

What is real right now, what is right in front of you, what is within you beyond your thoughts and emotions, right now?

What do you really have?

Make yourself secure in that,

And then every word and action you carry out will be so much more effective (and enjoyable).

Because you are working with what is, and not left behind still wishing for “what should be” or fearing "what might be".

You always have a choice.

No matter what.

Your life may well be ending one moment at a time, but make different choices and it can be like life is beginning one moment at a time.

Keep the Peace! Arjuna

PS. You do always have a choice.

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