The biggest cause of stress in my life?

Someone asked me the other day what was the biggest cause of stress in my life.

It’s a great question -

Because it also relates directly to what causes you stress and overwhelm.

True. We are not so very different, underneath it all.

Let me explain:

The biggest cause of stress  in my life is all wrapped up around the little Bubster.

But it's not her, it's what goes on in my head ABOUT her.

Now I know a lot of you have kids -

You might not have done this, but seeing how huge the internet parenting forums are,

So many parents ARE doing this:

The trickiest thing was reading all those books on raising kids.

The second we got rid of all those books, the less stressed we felt.

All because we gave up what was “supposed” to be happening,

And went with what was actually happening, following our own gut feeling.

So many friggin opinions!

‘Cuse me for cussing …

But you’re never short of advice as soon as you have a wee one around.

Now I know there’s good advice out there. And we haven’t thrown everything out.

However - the cause of stress around anything in your life,


It’s the good old “should” that you believe.

A killer.

Tune into your own head and let “should” be a gigantic alarm,

A big wake up call that you need to be extremely careful and alert to the content of that thought.

“Should” is the source of all pressure, of all your suffering,

Because when reality doesn’t meet should, everything gets harder.

And when does reality look the way it should?

Not often!

“I’m doing it wrong” comes in, doesn’t it?

“it’s all too much, I can’t cope” follows closely.

That’s the problem, the cause of stress.

I’m doing it all wrong.

I should be like this, and I’m not.

Such a good skill to be able to examine your own thoughts and freely choose what you listen too and when.

To be mindful of your own self talk and realise when you create your own stress.

Then choose for something else.

It will change your life. It might even save it.

And that’s something I show you exactly how to do when you come and learn Ascension meditation,

Along with the so simple tools to freely let go, disconnect from the should, and all those other pesky thoughts.

Go well,



Oh, it’s really fun too.

The most relaxing, enjoyable practice I’ve ever found. Promise!