The Greatest Gift

Sometimes there is an event that wakes you up to what is really most important to you. You see clearly -

In an instant -

That the stuff you have been worrying about, mulling over and otherwise giving far too much attention to,

In fact, really isn’t all that big of a deal.

I think its the single greatest thing you can be given -

The gift of clarity.

I’ve heard people say they were given it when they had an accident or getting sick - perhaps they lost a limb or were in a coma for a while -

For some its having children.

For others its having adventures out in nature, experiencing all of this physical life up close.

Where ever it comes from, they realise life is just too short for all the small stuff they were focussing on.

Do you know what I mean?

But its the biggest trap humanity falls into.


Now remembering need not be something you have to wait to be given, it can be something you give yourself.

The key is simply to do whatever you can to remind yourself of what really is important -

And stay reminded. Stay inspired.

Because if you don’t forget that you won’t get stressed or overwhelmed any more, in any way.

Never again will you take something so seriously you forget to laugh, you forget to smile.

You see, prioritising your peace means you will never get stressed or overwhelmed.


Is never about giving up, but is that intangible sense of that no matter what is going on around you, all is manageable, all is ok -

When you take it step by step, moment by moment.


So remember.

Just remember when you remember and celebrate the fact that you’re back on track.

Don’t worry about forgetting. No deal.

Return and remember.

The best tool and practice to make sure you keep perspective?

That means you keep calm and a sense of humour?

That keeps despair and worry and those “struggling to stay afloat” feelings at bay?

That even when you forget and lose it you can just “reset” and get teflon like so the events slide off you, easy like?

Go here and you get everything you need:

Take it easy out there, Arjuna


Baby arrived - finally!

She popped out with grace and style. A little squark and then nothing but calm.

Talk about being a gift of perspective about what is really important.

And how a sense of humour makes everything easier.

Even the third nappy in as many minutes.