Hell Is Other People?

People are a joy. They can also make your life a misery.

You may work with them - one term I heard recently: “moral hoovers”

You may have them as bosses. You may have them as clients. You may have them in your family.

You may not even know them - but you read about them in the newspaper.

Donald Trump for one is causing a lot of excitement of various sorts at the moment.

Other people.

It’s one of the biggest things that trigger you.

I know because I asked.

You know too that on your good days you hardly notice.

You just let it wash over you.

“Pain in the arse, but I’m not caring” …

They get under your skin on those days when the pressure is on or you’re tired, or both.

And often come with “what I should have done” thinking

I know this one particularly well:

When you’re so blown away by their behaviour you’re left flummoxed, you are speechless -

That is until later when you come up with the perfect words -

What you should have said, what you wanted to say … only you didn’t.

Thinking and re-thinking about the conversation I SHOULD have had …

It’s kind of fun (the imagining) the first time around,

A fantasy conversation where you triumph, riding off into the sunset with that rush of being awesome.

But is pretty self-destructive the 100th time around as your blood pressure is through the roof and you can’t see anything else clearly,

Least of all what is right in front of you because you’re stuck in your head. Thinking.

How do you stop getting triggered, letting people annoy you and occupy time and space in your own mind?

That there is one of the reasons I started meditating -

To get rid of other people.


More accurately: to be happier with my response to others.

To not let fools wind me up so much.

To say and do my best in interactions, but then let them go, not keep them in my head.

To not be so judgemental of people - even before I’d really talked to them.

To keep my cool, and be more happy.

And that is the bottom line.

A smart man once said to me;

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

(Both would be nice actually …)

But most of the times it's right to be happy.

Sometimes, and only a few times, happiness dictates that I need to pipe up and be right.

Then people will do whatever they will do anyway -

BUT at least I've spoken and that makes all the difference to my peace.

If you want to remove the power - the hooks - other people have over you -

As well as torturing yourself on what you should have said and done?

Meditation is a very simple way of removing those hooks.

Powerful too, it happens quick.

Go here and we'll keep talking:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Keep the peace!