The horror of first world problems

Imagine my horror this morning as I awoke and found the coffee machine not working! What is one to do? And what will Sumati say when she get no coffee handed to her in bed? Big trouble, I can tell you!

I know, I know, serious first world problem, so don't fly off the handle. And it’s ok, I managed to make the coffee and awake the Sumati the easy way. But it was a close call, I can tell you.

The trouble with life is the unexpected. When things don’t go according to your plan. Sheesh! And sometimes that is just no problem, right? “Oh shucks” you’ll say, quickly followed by “oh well” as you fully accept your plan will look a little different than you thought it would.

Other days? The smallest thing, the smallest first world problem can be just the latest in a long list of grievous attacks on your person. You don’t say “shucks” you say other, more “grown up" words. Maybe you kick and scream. Or at least you want to.

I think one the greatest things you can do to enjoy more calm and ease - even in the middle of hard work - is to monitor your internal state.

When things are winding you up, noticing this and realising it would be useful to back away, even for a minute or two, just to get stuff in perspective. It is just a coffee machine but it has potential - if you let it - to destroy everything you hold dear. I’m being dramatic - but perhaps it does have that potential. Anything does - to ruin your good mood and make you irritable and chuntering and full of anxiety about what your Sumati might say when there is no coffee.

And it all seems to work out, doesn’t it? But staying calm means you can at least chuckle about it all, rather than lose it completely.

So - monitor, stay calm, enjoy being awesome. Thats me!

Go well - Arjuna


Perspective, clarity, calm - all wonderful things. Here’s how to get more and make sure you look after your own mood