Your Christmas blog

Hey! So I know, you’ve had enough company just for a moment, and you’re off in the loo catching up on facebook and your emails in the quiet. Whew! Christmas is a little hectic, is it not?

I’ll be doing that too.

The thing I love about Christmas - ironically - is the doing very little after the very busy build up.

Just eating and drinking and chatting and reading and hanging out. I think I am world class at hanging out, and Christmas is designed for me.

We all very much hang out in the kitchen. A glass of sherry, a spot of spud peeling, some stirring of this and that, some very bad jokes, but all in all just enjoying each other’s company.

I keep coming back to enjoying life - enjoying each and every moment to it’s fullest. That would seem to be my topic:

To enjoy life to the fullest.

And the way to get that is always, always, getting out of thinking and getting into experiencing this moment, exactly as it is. The mind filters and creates such a different moment with all it’s grumps and grizzles - when you step outside of the mind, the world is such a different place.

Hey! So here’s to you, and if there is ever anything I can help with, please just ask. I enjoy helping, so let me know.

Go well! Arjuna