“The mornings became mine again”

I wrote something recently about mobile phones, and how switching them off from time to time can make a world of difference to your life. Someone tried this in the morning, and was delighted. She said: “The mornings became mine again” – I think that is so great.

There’s two ways your mornings can go –

One is firing out the door, late again, yelling at the kids to get a move on, coffee in one hand, important whatevers in the other hand, holding the car keys in between your teeth, stress and anger already building.

Or you can take steps so that you enjoy your morning, walking out the door ready for whatever the day brings, calmly, content, with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart. With a sense of perspective, a sense of being centred and able to enjoy your morning endeavours.

Which one do you want?

“Win the morning, win the day” is a saying I’ve heard being bandied about, and it’s true. You start the way you intend to continue, rather than trying to get your mojo back on the hoof, which is a lot harder.

In getting an enjoyable, as well as effective, kind of day a little planning and preparation goes a long way:

Turning your phone off could be something you do just to give yourself time and space before the world rushes in. Closing your eyes to meditate, to breathe, to really centre yourself … a brilliant idea. Taking some time to journal, to plan, to remind yourself of what is important (not urgent - big difference) … very good too.

Imagine that … a great start to your day rather than a frazzled, stressed one. And depending on your family set up, perhaps it means just waking a little bit earlier to make sure you can give yourself some time.

Now that may mean you can't stay awake to the early hours watching Netflix. Boring? Yet a small sacrifice means a huge payoff the next day. Everything is so much more enjoyable, and manageable.

How about it? Something for you to consider.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. How to switch off and be present? Here's a free guide for you: https://mailchi.mp/60dbe4ffeccf/freedom-from-thinking-so-much