The not so well known secret to having a ton of fun in life

You know, the secret of life ...

One that few people actually put into action ...

Lies in realising what you are in control of, and what you’re not.

I used to live well in the thrall (good Game of Thrones type word that one) of life -

In other words, being controlled by life.

When life was good, I was happy.

When life got a bit stinky, so did I.

I didn’t like this one bit -

And so I set out on the path that brings me and you to this moment.

I wanted to be independent,

Free to choose how I felt, regardless of the circumstances.

To ignore my head if I so desired.

To create my own internal reality -

And therefore be able to do the things in the world that I wanted to without that internal handbrake,

And be the person I knew I could be - that best version of me.

I thought that was an excellent way to live.

I was right and it is true -

You can’t control the circumstances of life,

But you can come to control your reactions to these circumstances.

It is also true that -

Life does not so much bring you happiness,

As you bring happiness to life.

(See what I did there? You like?)

It’s a type of fitness, or a skill, this choosing of your attitude.

Choosing what you pay attention to, choosing what you focus on.

I think the biggest step is realising that this is important to you.

Then, indeed, if it is important to you,

Taking steps every day to make sure you are it and you become more of it.

It takes work. It’s not hard work at all, but it does take prioritising and attention. It does take time.

But what reward!?

You know how great life can be when you’re on top form.

What if it could be like that all the time?

And thus be that great version of you … all day long?

Yes indeed, yes indeed.

If you’d like to learn such a simple method for being like this?

Here's a free guide and challenge too, if you want to join:

Any questions, about any of this?

Let me know, I’m here to be of service.

Go well!



A life lived on a rollercoaster of ups and downs?

Or constant, unending satisfaction, contentment, excitement and growth?

Hmmmm … more bacon please!