Dodge soap, stay young

Vivienne Westwood - punk “queen”, fashion person -

Do you know what her secret to looking young is?

Don’t wash so much.

She gets in the bath once a week, while her partner stops dodging the soap once a month.

How about that?

I’m not a big fan of showering,

I’d would rather have some kind of instant walk through device that got me clean so I don’t have to faff around with water and towels …

But I do it because it’s important.

Mainly to my good lady Sumati.

She of the oh so incredible sense of smell.

It’s so refined, it’s not a sense - it’s a super power.

I’ve been in the mountains away from washing for weeks on end …

I personally couldn’t care less,

But I can appreciate that it’s necessary and important when in human company,

Especially of the Sumati variety.

And that is the bottom line.


“If it’s important, do it every day”


Dan John - a Renaissance man of weights and poetry said that,

And he is dead on.

Check out the article here -

Which if you, like me, like bullet point philosophy, you will enjoy no matter whether you have the taste of exercise or not:

If it’s important, do it every day.

The other secret to staying young, of course, is a meditation or mindfulness practice.

It’s important, because it gives you greater choice over stress and overwhelm,

Whether you fly off the handle, get filled with doubt or guilt and regret,

Or handle it all with a smile (or at least a song in your heart) -

Whether you can be a good and honourable person,

Or whether you're a source of misery to your loved ones.

And so perhaps you should do it every day.

Or you “could”.

Doesn’t have to be huge - doesn’t have to be long.

Short and often is probably better than long and rarely - in all aspects of life.

That's why I set up this free challenge I think you'll really enjoy:

If it’s important, do it every day.

Go well!



My free Hour a Day, 7 Day Mindfulness challenge?

It’s not an hour all at once, but bite sized chunks.

Snacks of being aware and present.

The aim being an hour over the course of 24 hours.

But really it’s what you CAN do.

Perhaps a little more than yesterday??

Little and often.