The power of the “Meh” factor

What is this “Meh” factor I talk of?

A long time reader has recently informed me how grateful he is for the gift of increased “Meh” that has come from putting into practice my ways contained within these emails and the courses I teach.

You see - the Meh factor is when you practice this stuff and come to a point where you can’t be bothered being provoked. You can’t gather enough energy to respond to someone attempting to push your buttons. You can’t muster enough caring to outburst, instead, at best you roll your eyes and just go “Meh”.

By practicing presence and calm it actually gets harder to rise to unexpected news and/or someone baiting you. Isn't that wonderful? It takes real effort to get angry.

It’s a brilliant response too, for those loved ones around you who love to poke you with a long stick, just to see if they can make you react - you know, otherwise known as “teenagers” (but obviously not confined to just them).

When you can’t be bothered playing their games? They are left very confused, very confused indeed. Like a balloon that has all their air removed.

It always takes two to tango, and when you don’t dance, they have to change their tune. Or some kind of metaphor along those lines …

And how wonderful. What is left for you is calm, contentment and perspective. A realisation that you can change your habits of reacting and outbursting and take control of your own peace.

So here's to the “Meh” factor!

May you have plenty of it, so you can focus your energies on what you really want to focus on. Hurrah!

Go well!



I’m all out of courses for this year. Done and dusted beyond a few things if you've already learnt to Ascend. There'll be more in the new year for sure which I'll let you know about.

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