The Secret Of Happy People

As my wife has a small human attached to her breast most of the day it seems, I have been run around boy.

Fetching and getting and plumping pillows and cooking and changing nappies.

Previously I would have hated that.

“What about ME? What about what I want to do?” …

I would have moaned and whinged …

In the process causing myself great dissatisfaction and stress,

And further destabilising my relationship by being a grumpy selfish bugger.

I’ve learnt many things about the power of giving in my time as an Ishaya monk.

You see the research has shown, time and time again, that the secret of very happy people is giving.

All super content, satisfied and fulfilled folk have found a ways of regularly being of service.

It is also an antidote to depression, anxiety, stress and certain effects of old age:

Simply helping someone else out.


Well, take for example cooking a meal for your family.

An attitude of giving means what was previously a chore, perhaps even a pain in the arse, becomes totally different.

It becomes a feel good thing - a chance to nurture and help and spread some love to your family.

Which is nice because your loved ones win,

But more importantly, YOU win because you’ve flipped your attitude around.

The same thing that NEEDS to be done becomes a opportunity NOT a drain.

Do you see what I mean?

It's more than that -

You ALSO become fully present on the task in front of you,

Not wishing you were somewhere else in some imagined place that you imagine will bring you more enjoyment.

You're not hurrying to the next moment before it's even got here,

You see what needs to be done, you can meet the need of this moment.

In giving every act has the chance to become enjoyable - every single moment.

And that’s not all.

Not only do you drop the constant chase to get somewhere else,

Your problems?

They get bigger and bigger when you’re self-absorbed in them, when you’re IN them, thinking and chuntering and struggling.

But you actually forget them when you’re giving.

Honestly you do - because you get out of your own head, you get out of your problems, you get out of self-absorption and pity and the “poor me’s”.

The more you give, the more you get perspective and relief from all that stuff.

So find ways to give!

You get extraordinarily happy extraordinarily quickly,

Lose stress and struggle on the way,

Realise that you are richer than you ever knew,

And also create really vibrant, alive, close relationships.

Don’t take my word for it, do it and see what happens.

Sound interesting to you?

It’s all part of the benefits to your life you’ll find when you jump into this Ishayas’ Ascension meditation business.

Head this way and I'll tell you more: Go well,

Arjuna “How Can I Help?” Ishaya

- PS.

Seriously, how can I help you?

Just ask.

You help me help myself.