The Secret To Eternal Life (And Six Pack Abs in Seven Minutes A Day!)

eternalActually no, I don’t know the secret to eternal life. Or six pack abs in seven minutes.

I wish I did.

But I do know the secret to an amazingly happy, full, satisfied, purposed packed and fun life.

You might be tempted to think that this secret lies in stuff.

Stuff - you know …

Stuff that you can buy or stuff that you do, or even in stuff that you achieve.

Don’t get me wrong - Stuff is great, I love doing and achieving and having such stuff.


The secret to an amazing life is not to be found in stuff, things, doodads nor six pack abs, eternal life, money, health, relationships, or even lolz cats.

The secret of having the very best life is actually very simple.

Well - it’s simple to say, not so easy to do.

Only because so few people are doing it.

You might say this secret lies in not confusing stuff for happiness or contentment.

OK so -

Life really amps up when you create a solid foundation.

This solid foundation consists of:

- Being present - Being positive

Lemme explain a touch because they can be misconstrued.

Being present is as simple as being in the same place as your body, immersed in the task that is in front of you.

More effective (and fun) than staring out the window wishing you were on the weekend, or being on the weekend and thinking about what you have to do next week.

It’s important to plan for the future and learn from the past, but don’t do that ALL the time.

A moment is all that is required for that.

Spend the rest of the time being in the same place as your body, in this moment.

Because that is what happens when you do what you love to do.

You get out of your head and into this moment.

And you love that. So there's no reason why every thing you do can't have the same degree of presence.


2. Be positive.

It’s important to be real. To clearly see what the situation of your life is in relation to where you want to go.

From that basis though focus on the good, not the negative. Look at how far you’ve come, rather than on how far you have to go. See what you can do, don’t fight what you can’t.

Stress and struggle come from an excessive focus on what is wrong or what’s lacking.

You see so much of what is wrong it overwhelms you.

So focus on what is right, what is good, what you can do.

That goes for your job, your relationships, your health, everything.

There you go -

Get present, get positive:

The secret to an amazing life.

The secret to being present and positive lies in meditation.

It is the one thing that will bring that to you quicker than you can sing your favourite Taylor Swift song.

If you have one.

The simplest, most powerful meditation?

The Ishayas’ Ascension.

Let me know if you’d like to learn - just hit reply.

Keep the Peace out there, ok?



I know you’re getting busy.

Social calendar is in full swing.

But look after your peace, your calm, your levels of fun.

That is your choice. Don't let it be taken away from you!