Less Juice Than A New iPhone 7

batteryI’m thinking about getting a new phone. Mine is a little creaky, the battery lasts less than a day now.

Unfortunately you can’t replace them batteries - what an environmental disaster that is.

Just like water bottles and plastic shopping bags and dem coffee cups.

So I was reading a review for the new iPhone 7.

All nice and shiny, but the guy was saying under use the battery won’t last a day.

What’s the point of something that won’t even go a single day before needing a recharge?

That’s why I want a new one.

Now -

I’m going to merge nicely into a metaphor for you.

(I need to tell you just in case, due to my mad metaphorical skillz, it’s not that obvious)

You have an internal battery.

When people get depressed, or grumpy and reactive, or anxious, or un-motivated, or constantly tired -

When they feel like they aren’t living the life they want to - and they wonder why.

A big chunk of it is all down to a super low battery.

It’s obvious what some of the things that will deplete and recharge you are.

You know them already.

Diet, exercise, sleep, alcohol, how hard you work, how hard you play …

But you won’t be so aware of the subtle unseens -

In other words, what goes on between your ears.

Which, in many ways, have MORE impact than anything you do.

You see, there are a lot of things that SEEM worthy of your attention in this world.

Mulling over difficult situations, paying too much attention to bad news (personal and media), thinking too much about stuff you have no control over (actually even thinking too much about things you DO have control over), trying to do 12 things at once …

… Worry, doubt, anger, over-control …

So much to do, so much to think about, so much to plan and predict.

They seem worthy -

BUT all these things drain you, and drain you quick.

What recharges you?

I know the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation does, and rapidly too.

A focus on being present and positive, the silver lining, gratitude, choosing to notice what is good and beautiful, hanging out with fun, inspired, giving people -

All these are extremely beneficial as well.

So to get the most out of your battery -

You have to limit your exposure to the things that drain you,

and give more to the things that recharge you, that give you “juice”.

If you know you might be in a situation where you will be drained, you need to charge up before AND recharge after.

Otherwise you reach the end of your capacity and start shutting down.

Which you may well know from experience, and it isn’t that nice at all.

Makes sense right?

Be careful what you let into your head.

Be careful where you spend your energy.

Charge up regularly!

I'm sure you've worked all this out, but maybe this will make it even simpler how to get more Life from your life.

That way you’ll also have plenty to give to your loved ones, which is always wonderful.

Stay juiced, - Arjuna

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