The secret to life lies in the things you love

I’m writing this to you from Bergen, Norway. It’s a spectacular place - my kind of town. Surrounded by water and by hills, wonderful.

It’s a bit spooky though. All the people are spectacularly beautiful. It’s like they did away with the “not quite perfect” folk. Don’t worry, I won’t let them get me.

But everyone has been very kind, even speaking better english than I, which is a definite boon considering that my Norwegian is limited to being able to say “thank you for the fish”.

They loved Ascension meditation, which is always nice but really shouldn’t surprise me any more. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face. Whether they keep it on is only down to whether they put the small amount of time in and practice every day.

So simple - practice and reap the rewards.

Bergen is my kind of town because it looks like there is the endless opportunity to get into nature here.

I used to be an outdoor instructor you see. The reason being was that I loved being in the outdoors, and I figured working and love might go together.

I love the outdoors for it’s ability to impress you, always with something. The beauty, the scale, the ferocity of the weather. It has the ability to give you a lot of joy, and scare the pants off you.

Correctly managed, it’s a wonderful place to push your boundaries, become bigger and better. Internally and externally. More courageous and more patient. More understanding and more relaxed, able to better weather the storms of life.

What I noticed was that it was all about my mind.

Nature would usually take over and give me peace of mind, clarity and peace. I would then take that home, for a little while.

Some days though, nature wasn’t enough. I couldn’t let go, I couldn’t be absorbed. The thoughts were just too much. I couldn’t find that state of being that I loved so much.

Do you have that too?

The things you love to do, you do them because it gives you a quality of life that continues, that carries you through the drudgery.

The immersion and absorption in the act, in the moment, in life itself is worth everything. It is what everyone is chasing.

It’s actually trainable. You don’t need to rely on Nature - or whatever your arena - to give it to you.

You can have it all day long, even in the middle of work - if your work is lacking love.

And that is why I became an Ishaya monk - simply because I wanted that all the time, and I didn’t want my mind to stop me from fully living in each and every moment.

Ascension meditation has given me that ability.

If you also want that, an end to drudgery if you like, or the beginning of consistent “betterness”, come and learn to Ascend with me. 15-17 April.

Simple, and rewarding. I’ll give you the treasure map, everything you need to follow and make your life sweeter.

Email me and we’ll discuss details.

Keep the peace, and enjoy each and every moment.

- Arjuna