The way to happiness, part 1.

Just watched a film called "Hector and the search for happiness". It was alright, not amazing but not awful. But... it involves a psychiatrist who realises he’s not happy and he can’t help his patients be happy so he takes a journey to see if he can find happiness.

Many adventures later and he comes back to his girlfriend and his home, where - surprise, surprise - happiness was all along. I’m sure there’s a moral in there somewhere.

There are so many films and books about happiness at the moment. But shouldn’t happiness be normal? Not only a human right, but a human reality?

Obviously happiness is being missed by so many. Why don’t a big chunk of the population consistently experience happiness? More importantly, the question is: Why don’t you experience happiness all of the time?

Here’s the first reason why (look for the second reason in the next blog):

  • You don’t know where to find it.

Stop looking for something or someone to make you happy.

Happiness is an inside job, always and forever. Things don’t make you happy, you decide to be happy and go from there. Happiness is never given to you, happiness is an attitude that you choose, no matter your circumstances.

Remember Golden Rule of Existence #41: ”It is never the situation, only, always and forever it is your reaction to the situation” .

You aren’t so much in control of the circumstances (although you’ll try hard to be - stop controlling, by the way), you are totally 100% in control of your reaction.

If you are looking for happiness in a person, in possessions, in travel, in anything, you will miss out, always. These things are to be enjoyed, but happiness does not lie in them.

We have it backwards. “When I have x, y, or z, I will be happy”. Nope. Be happy first.

Consider happiness as being your base, your foundation. If you have a solid happy foundation, everything you add to it will only be more and more enjoyable and life affirming. If you have no foundation, nothing you throw on top will satisfy. Make sense?

It will require practice. To make happiness your foundation in the quickest amount of time the best practice I know is to meditate. Better still learn the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension. If you have already learnt, make sure you close your eyes every day. It’s important.


Look within. Be happy, enjoy everything.

Part two soon.