Thinking Too Much Will Kill You

Want to die from stress? No thanks - not me.

I'm not being dramatic - stress is the biggest cause of illness and early death in the West.

Everyone gets stressed and overwhelmed at some stage ...

And yet it is TOTALLY avoidable WITHOUT hiding away from the world.

>>> If you realise this one thing I’m about to tell you, that is.

It’s a handy little trick of awareness and mindset that means you can have a LOT of things going on all at once, and never feel strained at all.

No struggle, no overwhelm, no sense of “so much to do I just want to hide away”.

No early death.

Just efficiently dealing with each one to the best of your ability …

And cracking jokes along the way.

Full enjoyment of each and every moment.

Here's what's happens when you get overwhelmed:

You're simply carrying too much in your head.

Your whole to-do list is buzzing around in that tin can of yours, fighting for solutions and attention.

You're trying to anticipate the future already too -

Better get that crystal ball out, huh?


No one can multitask-

It's a myth.

But you'll try to anyway.

When you try and think about numerous things at once,

As well as trying to predict the future,

The result is stress and feeling like you're swamped, sinking, struggling.

No fun. No efficiency.

And that early grave.

Unfortunately you also don’t give your full attention to the one thing that is in front of you.

The one thing you CAN actually do.

So what seems like a good strategy for productivity and responsibility in your life isn't really at all.

It's thinking too much that causes the stress that will kill you.

Interesting huh?

Your head is the source of your stress, not your to do list.

Which is good news:

You can't always to do something about your to do list BUT you can do something about your head.

Train your head to focus on this moment in time, on this thing, and then the next thing.

One thing at a time.

It’s the only sane, efficient solution.

See where your head wants to do everything at once,

Where it’s carrying the next thing -

And drop it.

Return to now.


I realise this is easy to say and much harder to do, but to make it so simple for you it becomes automatic and natural:

To get freedom from thinking too much and stress, go here: Take it easy out there! Arjuna


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