Midlife Crisis? Me?

I’m exhausted. Poor me.

Seems like every part of my body aches.

The local river has been going nuts you see,

And I’ve been on it, surfing my head off.

In my new, very sporty kayak.

My old one is like a bus compared to this model.

So I’m well chuffed.

Sumati calls it a midlife crisis,

She is a card, isn’t she?

But we both know it’s really for our daughter -

For when she grows up.

I’m just breaking it in.

I’ve realised being out in nature, specifically on a river, is such an essential part of me.

I can be so content and fulfilled anywhere, anytime -

But kayaking, being out in the hills, it gives me that added sparkle,

That added “YES!” that means carving out some time is worth everything.

It’s a kind of ruthlessness that I really admire in certain people.

That ability to keep balanced, stay alive - “Super Sane” you might call it,

No matter the demands of your life.

To do everything you NEED to do, but also to make time for the things you WANT to do.

How is that done with a family and a job and everything else?

As I was saying - I'm seeing it's done by being ruthless with your time and attention.

Spending it wisely.

Not wasting it.

Being organised, now that is a shock for me.

Also -

Taking the time to rest and recover and gain more …

More recovery, more clarity, more perspective, more good humour.

You need to make sure you have enough energy, enough charge in the battery to do everything.

Because exhaustion and muddled thinking leads to stress and reactions and negativity -

And sitting around on the couch.

On Facebook. Or on the xbox.

(which is fine - IF you’re conscious that is exactly how you want to spend your time)

Now - Ascension is perfect for rest and recovery because even if you can’t sleep -

You can rest, physically and mentally.

It honestly is a life saver with balancing a new baby and all the stuff I want to do too.

I don’t know how people do without it.

Head here and I'll tell you more:


Go well! Arjuna


Now - what I’m talking about is about doing stuff that you love, for sure…

But it’s clearer than ever for me with baby and all she needs -

It’s not about WHAT I do, it really is ALL about HOW I do it.

HOW is where everyone has choice.

You want to get that choice, to know it so well.

Makes all the difference in the world.

All the difference.

Interested? Go here and we'll get started: https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/