This Made Me Flip Out When I Saw It

made-me-flipI got so excited when I realised these 2 things. When I saw it happening I was ecstatic,

Like really, really chuffed.

The first thing was that in everything I did, everything I thought and felt was a CHOICE.

I - and you - are not your thoughts or your emotions.

All these things are OPTIONS - not a reality.

The presence or absence of them doesn’t mean anything.

You have CHOICE in what you listen to, what you “entertain” and cultivate.

You have habits to entertain certain thoughts and feelings, but you can make it a habit to not entertain these thoughts and habits.

When you make these CHOICES, you see that what you focus on, grows.

The inner game then totally changes the outer game.

Now -

I never felt like I had a choice.

It didn’t feel like that AT ALL.

Sometimes I realised I was stuck - say in a loop of worry - but I couldn’t get out of it.

The same old thought would go around and around but the more I struggled to free myself and focus on something good, the more it seemed like it sucked me back in.


What do you do when you realise something has to change but you have no idea HOW?

Well -

The second thing was that sitting down and closing my eyes changed so much.

What a mind-blower.

It changed the way I thought, the way I perceived my life.

It made me happy with less, and really stoked with more.

It gave me CHOICE, real choice, real freedom to focus on what I wanted.

Getting out of those loops got easier - and the more I did it, the more easier it got.


Apparently it rewired my brain on a physical level - meaning overcoming habitual thinking wasn’t just a matter of willpower.

It gave me deep rest in a very short period of time, meaning I was less snappy and reactive, less exhausted, more able to cope, more effective and efficient.

It gave me clarity.

How could something as simple as closing your eyes and using an effective meditation technique make such a difference?

I could go into the science, but it just works.

IT just does -

Witness the stories in CHOICE, the documentary.

There’s a trailer here (scroll down):

Now most of the stories are pretty wild - dudes in an overcrowded maximum security jail,

A wonderful lady with terminal cancer and the best attitude ever,

A guy whose dad was murdered in front of him.

There’s a friend of mine - Dan, when younger so caught up in drugs and partying and heading to jail -

And now he spouts the most wisdom you’ve ever seen in 30 seconds.

Check him out - he’s like my bald brother. That’s right - the handsome one.

But if these people experiencing these huge events can realise their CHOICE, so can you.

If these guys are all smiling and laughing through life - so can you.

It could well be the most inspiring film you’ve seen for a long time.

Deadline for reservations to get this film to the big screen in Darlington is today (Sunday) at 6pm -

Get your ticket for you and a friend here:

The fact is on Sunday I’m buying up what’s left anyway to make it happen - but help me out and get one now - it'll be simpler!

Take it easy! Arjuna


You do, you really do have a choice.

It doesn’t matter what you’re currently experiencing, or your situation, or your circumstances.

You can find freedom from all of it.

True. I say that with hand on heart.