You don't need to trust.

Funny thing trust.

Life is here, right in front of you. Life is what is here.

In this moment, now, all of your past can be just a story. All of your future, an idea, a hope and a dream. Impossible to tell or control.

When you embrace the experience of being present, everything gets simple. You realise what you are in control of and what you simply must accept as being beyond control.

Trust isn’t necessary here. Reality becomes so clear. Trust is only necessary when you are trying to control the future, when you are trying to control the uncontrollable.

And I hope you soon come to experience how stressful control is, because it is wicked.

Trying to force through what you want in life is tough. It means you are constantly referencing your plans for the future, trying to juggle balls you have no control over, attempting to manipulate others to your preferred way, and absolutely missing out on the simple joy of this moment.

The answer?

As always - simply return to now. Become present and alive to here.

The more you do that, the more you will see that any fear, any control comes from a thought about the future. That the thought is the terrifying thing - not the reality of right here.

If you can distinguish the difference between the reality of your situation, right now, and the fear of a future, life will be so much simpler for you. One you can control, one you cannot.

You must let go, because anything else is crazy. Worrying about what you can’t control is fruitless.

Become super present, become super alive to here and see that.

You only need trust when you aren’t present. When you are present you become trust itself.

And you can all be present.

Let any attempt to control or worry for a future be an alarm so you return.

The experience of fully being here is so much better than any idea of what might or should happen. Trust enough just to let go to now and find that for yourself.

Experience now and you will find you want to spend more and more time here. You’ll come to a place where you don’t need trust anymore.