Two Game Changing Secrets

secretThe two greatest things you can learn to be - In life and in the outdoors, in any sport or physical situation, at work and at home,


The two things that will change you life forever,


a) be calm no matter what is happening around you,

and ...

b) be focussed only on this precise moment in time.

When you’re calm you don’t get tunnel vision. You can see clearer.

You don’t get overwhelmed, you can focus on the things you need to pay attention to, NOT the things that you don’t.

Does that make sense?

So often people’ll pay far too much attention to what goes wrong or what MIGHT go wrong, rather than what they can now do about it.

What you focus on, grows.

Indeed ^^^

Staying calm is the key to dealing with whatever is thrown at you with your maximum ability.

The second thing is:

When you get present you can meet the need of this moment.

You can apply your whole being, all your skill and fitness and intuition and reflexes and creativity - in other words - EVERYTHING to what is in front of you.

Even if that is "just" a conversation with your partner or your kids.

(Notice how what are actually the most important things in life so often get reduced with a "just" ...?)

Right here, right now.

Trouble is, people spend most of their day focussed on trying to change the past or predict the future.

In that, all their power is taken away to dial into what needs to happen now.

There’s so much lost energy spent on the past and in possible futures.

And you simply miss out on what’s happening right in front of you.

If you live like this?

You have NO ability to focus when you NEED to focus.

You can't switch off when you NEED to switch off.

So - practice - master staying cool and calm,

AND get the ability to direct your focus wherever you want it to go.

It will change your life.

I'm serious about that ^^^^

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Take care out there!

- Arjuna

PS. Two small secrets,

Two small ways of “operating” in the world,

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