Heavy Metal Mischief

heavyMy wife bought me a large chunk of heavy metal for my birthday.

Not Slayer, no.

Don’t know if they still count, but I'm not talking about nothing to do with music

(I’m so culturally irrelevant these days)

She gave me a huge kettle bell.

(A large heavy thing you simply pick up and put down.)

I love them.

They make you strong and trim with great core and even a bit more flexible.

Number one WHY? for lumping these things around is I don’t want to get lardy,

and now I’m well into my forties that requires constant vigilance.

AND kettle bells make being in a kayak easier.

I’m stronger and have more endurance so paddling is simpler.

I don't have as much time as I used to, so when I get in my boat I want to make the most of it.

I can do more for less effort and have more fun.

A bit like having mental fitness.

Now “What IS mental fitness?” I hear you ask.

Good question.

Mental fitness is the ability to not let your thoughts stop you doing and getting what you want.

It’s the ability to:

- focus on one thing and not be distracted from it.

- be mentally “tough” - ignoring doubt and worry and just keep moving forward.

- simply “let go” - just drop stuff that’s causing you stress and overwhelm

- be flexible and adapt to unexpected change, not be stuck whining about it

- go further and faster than ever before physically

- not let your fears paralyse you, instead giving you courage to go beyond any limitation

- fully apply all of yourself and your abilities to whatever is in front of you

- laugh more and stress less

- be present and feel so alive in this precise moment in time

- tap into the Zone at will - with heightened skills and perception, and big smiles

It’s the internal strength of character that is the foundation of everything that you feel and think and say and do.

Just as kettle bells allow me the physical fitness to do more with less puff,

all day long - whether in my kayak or climbing up a hill,

Mental fitness is the same -

life means less stress and more fun, more creativity and intuition, more calm and contentment and confidence.

Do more for less effort and bigger smiles.

After all, isn’t that what life is about?

If you want a mental fitness training programme …

One that outlays a treasure map to mental strength and flexibility,

Gives you everything you need to know,

No thought, no guess work,

You just have to walk it.

The plan involves a straight forward equation of:

Do the work (simple, fun, effective), then enjoy the results …

For as long as you keep using the map.

Now - I need some volunteers to provide social proof of HOW good it is.

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PS. Mental fitness makes sense when it’s explained doesn’t it?

No longer do you stress and struggle and puff and flip out in reactive ways.

You're not mentally lardy.

You're clear, calm, content, present and alive and able to ignore doubt and fear and bad moods.

Life is great.

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