Unstoppable Bastards

unstoppableUnstoppable Bastards That is the actual name of a programme I was helping teach a part of last week.

Awesome huh?

There were 6 guys, all top performers in some aspect of their lives, and yet they were on a programme to give them more.

More what?

Unstoppable Bastards is all about, well, being unstoppable -

Getting what you want from life, without being one-dimensional.

There are many who are a success say in business, but their relationships are shaky.

Some are brilliant at their sport, but have no way of converting that into cash.

People are usually pretty good in one or two aspects of life.

Very rare is someone who is awesome in one.

Rarer still is someone who is awesome everywhere.

But what else is life for but to explore greatness?

The premise of this programme is that great men are never born.

They are shaped because they want to grow, to become more.

With the right tools you can become more.

And teaching some of those tools is where I came in.

I spent three hours talking about the mind, mindset and giving them some meditation tools.

It was a lot of fun and feedback was great, I think they got a lot out of the session.

Let’s hope they keep practicing, because the magic happens when you regularly apply it.

There were a ton of questions, many about becoming different or losing their edge or their passion or their drive.

It was great to put all that straight.

Meditation is so misunderstood, which is a shame as it’s the greatest thing anyone can learn to do.

But it’s so poorly taught in some places people get turned off before they can really appreciate its true power.

The only thing you lose though meditation is limitation.

It gives you the ability to be more you, not less.

If I only had one word to describe what meditation has given me?


Being real.

Not hiding or feeling insecure or full of self-doubt …

… like I used to spend a lot of time being.

But content and secure in exactly who I am and what I want to do.

The greatest thing talking with these guys - some of them great players in their worlds - was that they all have a some version of self-doubt …

And it comes up often.

I was a little surprised, but they were so open about it.

But they are in good hands - what I taught them combined with the rest of the programme means that whiny little doubting voice will be well and truly ignored.

When you ignore it, it just shrivels up and dies.


SO if you want more authenticity, realness, and the ability to ignore self-doubt and fear meaning greater performance and more fun?

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If you’re ready for the next step?

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