Using The Power Of Your Mind For Good, Not Evil

powerfulYour mind is the most powerful force you possess. A long time ago a guy called Buddha worked that out and said:

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Smart guy. Your mind is the foundation for everything you do and say.

Change your mind, change the way you react to the world.

When I started to realise how wonky my thoughts could be I did more and more research into this.

I think perhaps it’s self evident the power of positive thinking in something like healing.

You will know yourself the power of having a clear focus in the outdoors in terms of being able to do what you want to do.

Equally you would have seen the results of anxiety and a lack of focus when you’re trying to do something.


Did you know that your body is trying to respond to each and every thought you have?

Every time you think your body responds.

Certainly, the stronger the belief in the thought the stronger the reaction.

But even the smallest of thoughts causes a subtle response in the cells.

Combined with the fact that we have something like 60-70,000 thoughts every day, do you see how our bodies are shaped by the quality AND the quantity of mental activity?

No wonder Buddha said what he did.

Your mind shapes everything - your body, the way you react, your levels of energy, of level headedness, what you say and what you do.

Change your mind, change everything.

The trillion pound question is, HOW?

How do you change your head?

It all begins in awareness. Being aware of what you are actually thinking. In awareness you have choice.

Now I know a very powerful way of going beyond the negativity of your mind. Of being so aware, you can focus on anything you want and not let your focus shift.

Of not thinking so much, of even re-wiring your brain so you automatically respond in the ways you want to … and not in ways that cause regret.

It requires you to give up nothing, except limitation.

It’s super simple, all it requires is you to practice.

And I can show you.

In fact I need volunteers to help me prove that what I have to teach gets some very cool results for outdoor guys.

I have only a few seats left, so if you are keen to be a part of this, opt in and get more information here: Go well out there!


PS. Saw the new Star Trek film last night. Loved it, but I am a Star Trek fan (not a freak) so am a bit more easy going.

Best line?

"There is nothing unknown, only that which is not yet known"

Sounded super profound last night at least.