What Adele’s Vocal Cords Have to do With Your Peace

Adele, like many singers, has had troubles with her voice.

Most recently I believe she had to cancel a couple of Wembley shows.

To help remove the polyps, the lumps and bumps on her vocal cords,

A surgeon stuck a scalpel and forceps on foot long handles down her throat,

To grab the tiny little nasty that was causing Adele the problem.

Well done that fellow.

A cut a few millimetres either side and her voice is gone.

No pressure huh?

And I have trouble with a sausage and a set of barbecue tongs …

The reason I mention Adele is that there is a real movement towards more natural, effortless ways of doing things.

In singing there a movement that sees such polyps as being due to not wear and tear,

But singing with force and effort.

This movement is about finding and using your natural voice - not straining.

It’s the same in running, for example.

Many years ago I got injured and had to retrain to run how I might if I was running barefoot, rather than relying on heavily cushioned shoes and bashing along.

It made a world of difference.

The whole paleo diet trend - the idea that humans don’t do well eating cultivated carbs like wheat and rice - could be seen as part of this search for a more natural way too.

Where ever you look there’s a quest for a more natural, effortless, strain free way of doing.

What has this to do with peace, happiness and mastering the negative tendencies of your mind?

I’m glad you asked.

I talked last time about assuming a Zentitude - of equanimity, of nothing matters

Which works extremely well IF you’re easy with it.

But many take it to extremes,

As always, with everything there are zealots -

No matter if it’s diet, singing, running or frisbee.

For these guys - and I know this because I’ve been there -

Mastering the mind is seen as silencing the mind through force

“Nothing matters” is done through sitting on a spike and putting up with it …

The idea being if you can train the mind to cope with punishment, then you can cope with anything.

Now - force isn’t charming to the mind.

Suffering isn’t a good way of making friends with it.

No way Jose.

It just doesn’t work.

Being without strain and suffering is the key to any learning, any training.

You need commitment for sure - but it take commitment to get up and make a coffee in the morning …

A certain focus to get you where you want to go.

Easily done, effortless, MOST mornings for sure …

But you do it because it’ll bring you reward,

Not a hot cup of strain.

I realised this quickly, I’m glad to say.

When it comes to learning how to master your mind, no force or strain is necessary,

It should, and can be, pleasant.

It should, and can be, instantly rewarding

It’s not about shutting your mind up.

It’s not about forcing it to do anything.

It’s about connecting with that part of you that your mind is actually searching for …

(That’s why it’s so busy -)

Your mind - in its strange way - is trying to help you find happiness and peace.

When you have a proper technique, or a “vehicle”, such as Ascension,

The mind is brought to where its been crazily running around looking for.

That natural, already existing part of you that is ALREADY content and present and stress and strain free.

No effort - it’s pleasant, and rewarding.

Commitment to get your mind used to moving in that certain direction, yes.

Strain and force and punishment? No.

You don’t force the mind to stop running down those rabbit holes of worry, doubt, regret and overwhelm …

You give it something else to tune into.


No strain is key here.

Peace is your natural state - it takes no effort to return to.

Questions on that?

Let me know, and if you like the idea of this effortless way?

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Go well!



If you have a nearby young child -

Check out how freely they smile.

How effortlessly they are present.

You were the same too, once.

You can be again.