The Wrong Attitude, the Right Zen-titude to end Frustration

So many people say they can’t meditate,

They can't be mindful.

That they forget.

They get frustrated, annoyed by their thoughts, the noise from the neighbour, their heart beatings …

You name it, people get annoyed by it.

And I understand completely.

I’ve been there too.

“What do I DO??!”,

I used to cry to my Ascension meditation teacher.

The answer that he helped me discover is not what I expected -

You don’t DO anything.

You do as little as possible actually.

Yes, that ^^^ annoyed me as well.

Here’s what I mean, grasshopper.

Assume an attitude of Zen,

A Zen-titude ...

Get it?

As in nothing matters.

As in, “I am noble and compassionate - I am patience and presence itself. Nothing ruffles me, I treat all comings and goings, all events with great equanimity. Yes I do indeedy ...”

(Great word is equanimity - look it up)

Its great fun actually -

Just pretending thats you.

Role play!

Assuming a role of “Nothing matters. I’m choose not to be bothered, I am like flowing water, really super peaceful flowing water ... ooh, I really need the loo”

For you see:

The part of you that gets frustrated when you meditate?

When you have too many thoughts?

Or in life when you get anxious, again?

Or your worries get the better of you, once again at 3 in the am?

Or when you react once again in a way you regret?

Let me ask you:

What part of you is getting annoyed and starts fighting?

I’ll tell you:

The very part that you are wanting to lose through meditation and mindfulness.

So by engaging this annoyed part of your mind,

By attempting to get calm … you lose calm.

Do you see?

By wanting something, anything actually - you’re engaging the part of you the struggles and fights and resists

That part of you gets anxious and worries about the future,

That part of you regrets what you’ve done, that feels guilty for what you’re doing,

You know?

So just assume away - as in, assume the Zen-titude.

Don't try and get calm ...

BE calm.

As much as you can, no matter what happens.

It’ll make your meditation and mindfulness practice so much easier and rewarding.

And it’ll mean in your busy life you maintain that half step back of perspective more and more.

Of seeing clearly and RESPONDING, rather than unconsciously REACTING.


Questions? Just ask -

Go well!



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