What Do You Remember?

Do you remember a moment in your life when you were really, truly alive?

A super memorable moment, when everything was just right?

It may have been scaling some mountain when you didn’t think you were going to get anywhere near the top.

It may have been spending time with some friends on a particularly fun and funny night.

It may have been “just” reading a little one a story …

And in that moment, all was well.

All was perfect.

I have such memories,

And of all of them, having my friend’s daughter grab a book and snuggle into the crook of my arm for a tale may well be the best of all of them.

Such trust, complete and utter trust that I could be trusted.

The thing about these moments is that I - and you in yours - were completely immersed in them.

Absorbed, absolutely present and here.

The future and the past didn’t matter -

They would take care of themselves.

The secret to having more memorable moments,

Free of overwhelm and anxiety and guilt and regret and all of that …

Full of aliveness and peace …

Is to be as present as possible.

To live life in the same place as your body.

To give yourself completely to now.

You will forget - it’s a habit to leave,

But keep on returning.

Show up to your life.

And you’ll get to the end of it and celebrate it as being packed with such wonderful memories.

Go well,



If you’d like to know how?

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