Some Friendly Advice

When I found out I was going to be a dad I asked my friends what to do. I got two great pieces of advice.

First -

Throw out the rulebook.

Even though plenty of people will try and give you advice, ignore all such pieces of advice.

What great … err ... advice (heh heh) - 

It’s such a source of stress when you have a bubba that doesn’t fit into the box that rulebooks provide.

And that happens ALL the time.

Comparison is a killer.

Could be said that it's exactly the same with your life.

Second -

Never be afraid to apologise.

I like this advice A LOT -

I've noticed the best teachers are always learning.

The best leaders sometimes follow.

The best in anything are not perfect.

There’s nothing better than humility in terms of becoming better.

Pretending to be perfect and being afraid to admit mistakes is a recipe for going no where.

Awareness and presence are key in overcoming this - no matter what you’re doing.

I’ve noticed people are happiest when they’re improving.

So get rid trying to be perfect and just get better -

And be happy along the way.


Have a great day,

Keep the peace Arjuna


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