What is your favourite thing to do?

My favourite thing, without a doubt, is more favourite than even eating food in a glorious Greek taverna, sitting in the shade under a canopy of wine vines, ordering and re-ordering little plates of goodness. More favourite than going to see a really good movie, reading a really good book, chatting with Sumati about something really good, swimming in the surf, exploring and travelling and meeting up with great people … more favourite than all that even.

It is kayaking.

I love it. I went last night and had to be dragged from the river, kicking and screaming. “One more” I cried, like a deranged hamster begging for another lap on the wheel of joy.

Now I know it’s not for everyone, but it really lights my fire. Really.

What lights your fire?

What makes you come alive?

It’s so important. Life can become that other hamster wheel, the one of “must do to survive” and that's a drag. Its easy to forget the why - as in the why you are alive.

These things are crucial to you, and yet it is so easy to let them slip on by. They put lead in your pencil, a spring in your step.

You may have to schedule, you may have to negotiate to get the time. But, and I don’t often say this, you have to do it. You have to find a way of getting that time in.

It may not be a lot, but make the time, and appreciate that time. It is the difference between living with a spring in your step and a slump in your shoulders.



What does any of this have to do with meditation?

Meditation for me is all about being more alive. It enables you to live supremely well, no matter what you’re doing. It means you can rest in that sense of joy and absorption no matter if you’re doing that thing you love, or the ironing (which I do not love, no I do not).

It makes life a joy, and it brings it all to life.

I can’t think of a better thing for everything you want to do and get from your life. I really can’t.

So if you want to know how to really do it?

Here's a free guide to getting the most out of life:


Questions? Let me know!

Go well, Arjuna