When things get on top of you

The last 5 or 6 days I’ve been busy …

What I’ve realised is actually -

“I’ve been busy”

Is my personal code for letting things get on top of me.

I’m sure you know what I mean:

It felt like I had a lot to do,

With not enough time to do it all in.

So I got stuck in, and certain things -

Like my Ascension meditation practice and exercise got “temporarily” suspended.

The result?

Although I wasn’t frazzled and stressed and grumpy like I would have done in the past -

(I have my eyes open Ascension meditation tools to thank for that)

I was rushing, I did start to make silly mistakes, I got run down, my throat started to get scratchy ...

Sometimes when you forget and stop doing the things that nurture your centre, your foundation -

It’s a good thing.

That contrast means you realise exactly how important it is to re-engage your rituals.

So you jump back in with renewed vigour.

The most interesting thing about all of this?

Amongst the busy-ness I still found enough time to stay up WAY later than usual reading my book.


Interesting huh?

Busy, but acting like I was on holiday …

What did I do?

Last night I went to bed early so I could do some Ascension and catch up on my sleep.

I certainly did read my book, but not for hours and hours, chasing that next chapter.

I set an alarm, woke up early and made sure I exercised and again practiced my eyes closed.

I can tell you, I certainly didn’t want to leap out of bed - but I managed to stagger out.

But now I feel great. Clear, relaxed, energised.

Ready to handle the busy day.

So I know you’re all busy - you are, and how wonderful.

But busy-ness can be handled in two different ways.

You can let it get on top of you, you can spin around faster and faster chasing the end of your to do list …

Like a hamster on a wheel …

Getting snappier and more frantic and with less effectiveness

Or you can take a fraction of your day and devote it to stabilising You.

Getting clear, content, calm, focussed, happy,

And go from there.

What a difference it makes.

So you know all this and have fallen off the wagon?

Hop back on.

Short term pain of committing yourself to a few small things,

Means pretty much instant and lasting rewards come your way.

From experience let me tell you -

It’s worth it.



Go well!



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