When your Gran swears and doesn’t realise it

Yeah, housework isn’t my favourite thing in the world.

It was pretty obvious the neglect in my house,

When I found my brain -

You might recall, I totally lost it the other day.

Misplaced it.

Found it,

Down the back of the sideboard.

Bit dusty, I have to say.

Covered in, what you call them … ?

Dust bunnies -

Those bundles of dust and hair and assorted stuff,

That if they were bigger, would be rolling down the street of them western cowboy films.

Now, as a minor but interesting aside -

I have a friend whose Gran calls them “sl*t’s wool”

And the weekend day when you slob around the house in your dressing gown?

“Sl*tty Sunday”

Heh heh - That term now has a whole new, more modern, meaning, doesn’t it?

But, ahem, housework is necessary soon as I have guests over the weekend.

26 of them.

We have an advanced Ascension course -

Something you can do after you’ve learnt to Ascend so you can really make super fast tracks to end stress and live the meaning of your life.

I really am excited, even though it’ll require me to help eradicate the sl*ts wool from the large old Georgian house we’re using.

It’s been the hub of Ascension for probably quite close to 20 years now.

Sacred ground indeed.

You know that feeling when you relax,

Like you’ve been carrying something super heavy all day and don’t realise it until you put it down?

That’s right -

You can feel that kind of peace the minute you step inside the gates.

People go "ahhhhhh" when they walk in. True!

So I’m a little bit excited to have everyone here to show them how life can really be lived.

In town and like to come visit?

Well, sure!

Come on down - just bring a feather duster and help out, will you?

The other way to come and see for yourself is to attend an Ascension course.

The perfect setting for learning the tools for huge amounts of calm, focus and happiness.

And you won’t have to do any housework while you’re here.


Go well!



Why do I feel the need to always PS you?

Oh that’s right - here’s a thing, a conversation I had with another Ishaya monk recently all about this stuff.

A podcast they call it -


Have a listen, I’m sure you’ll find it quite lovely.