When you're too busy surviving you forget the point

Being a work from home dad I get to spend a lot of time with my daughter. I’m incredibly grateful for that as she is awesome -

And she is the perfect reminder of how I want to live my life.

No Robbie, not filling my nappy, dribbling and chewing on everything, but simply being just darn happy - for no reason at all, just because she's alive.

I gave her a strawberry to chew on this morning and you should have seen her eyes. It was like it was the greatest thing she’d ever seen … A total OMG! moment (if you OMG things, that is).

So many people grow up to be adults and get so wrapped up in life likes its this battle for survival, they forget the very point of it all - which is to fully enjoy it. Well - that's my point. What's yours?

Now you’re aware of it, it all depends on you.

You can have a happiness that only comes when you get something you want, or you can have a happiness, a contentment, an aliveness that is found from each and every moment. That is possible, FOR YOU.

You can base your life on the focus on the goodness around you, or you can focus on what you don’t have, what you think you should have. You can move through life as if you’ve seen it all before, or you can really tune in and have a fresh attitude, a fresh perspective.

Sometimes life comes alive when you try different things, often life comes alive when you do the same things differently.

See the difference?

You were born excited and fascinated about and alive to each and every moment. You have the innate ability to enjoy every single part of your life. You’ve just learnt not to.

You can learn to again - for sure.

Just a little reminder this fine day that in terms of your levels of calm, contentment, and life satisfaction - you are in the driving seat.

Stay awesome,



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