Where is the biggest handbrake on your own life?

Did you know that the biggest hand brake on your life lives within your own head? It’s your own thoughts and beliefs that cause you all your suffering, all your doubts, all your worries.

You want to live the best life possible?

You need to closely examine what your own head is telling you.

What if that thought wasn’t true?

What if the opposite was true?

And how are you going to know unless you try?

Your thoughts are holding you back.

Get super clear on what is in your own head and how that relates to the life you want to live.

At some stage you are going to realise that your thoughts are not real, they aren’t a good indicator of the truth.

They are the ghosts of your past - your parents, your family, your friends, your teachers, your coaches, your own paranoias and judgements, whispering in your ear.

They can be just an option. Just one idea. An interpretation.

Your thoughts are limited, by nature.

Find a way to let them go, let them be. Find the life that comes from beyond your thoughts, beyond your mind.

There lies pure inspiration and intuition.

A life lived there is a constant discovery of the limits of your own life. You are constantly expanding, growing, becoming bigger and bolder, and more humble, understanding and loving.

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

There’s an old saying about the only free cheese is the cheese in the mousetraps, and the mice there ain’t happy.

But you’re not here for free cheese. Or the traps.

Have a grand day. Take it easy. Easy does it.