Why do we do it?

It’s funny - Everything is going great because you’ve been doing something that makes things great.

Sleeping well, eating well, meditating every day …

And because you’re feeling so great, you go:

“I don’t need to do that stuff any more”

What happens?

Slowly - and sometimes not so slowly - you go downhill to where you were before,

To the place that meant you wanted, perhaps needed, to make some different choices in the first place.

Up and down you go.

Up and down and around and around.

There’s no need.

You can stay on a level forever -

But you need to make those choices that mean you maintain that.

Here’s the thing:

So much easier to stay on the level than try and play catch up.

Catching up all the time is a drag.

Maintenance is awesome - cruising altitude, flying high.

All of life is good and easy and simple and fun.

Choices, freedom, fun, clarity, contentment.

Want to take on something ambitious?

Easy to adjust, easy to handle.

From catch up? Urrgggggh. Tough.

Don’t stop doing the work that makes your life great.


Your choices = your life


Go well, Arjuna






You know what I’m going to say:

A whole day for you to really start flying: