Lost your freedom?

Big thing, freedom. Songs, books, speeches all been written about it.

People will fight for it.

Interesting thing too -

When you’re feeling down about something,

It’s usually because you feel like you have no choice, no freedom in a situation.

Some research I saw said just that:

The biggest cause of stress is feeling like you have no choice, no freedom.

From being at work where it feels like you’re a small cog in a huge machine and it matters not what you do,

To a mum who is feeling resentful about their child, feeling pinned down and not able to do the things she wants to do.

So how do you deal with that?

You have to realise that all our external choices involve compromise of some sort.

You get married? You have no freedom to date anyone else.

You take a job? You have no freedom to sleep in anymore.

You quit your job? You don't have the freedom to go on holiday when you want to.

You have kids? You no longer have the freedom to do what you want when you want.

But the cause of your stress and your lack of freedom is all in where you're paying attention.

You’ve got it all wrong -

You’re focussed on the thing you don’t like -

And ignoring ALL the bonuses that come with a choice to do something.

That’s what really causes stress -

Is not lack of freedom, but lack of appreciation.

So if you find yourself in this state of "not free" —

Don’t make it about the thing,

Make it about your choices and what you can focus on.

And that is freeing.

You might even be able to discover what lays beyond thought -

That you aren’t your thoughts, your emotions, your complaints, even your appreciations.

And that is true freedom.

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