Why inconsiderate people are amazing

Why is it that kids' toys are so darn tooting noisy?

I was driving down the street with a toy wedged somewhere in the back,

I fully knew it was there because every little bump meant it starts singing to me,


Every bump starts it again.

Oh boy … who left that in the car??

I know who.

Cue chuntering about whose fault it is.

And where do these toys come from?

Sumati and I didn’t buy them.

More chuntering …

All kinds of relatives must have been throwing them in the house …

Like brightly coloured plastic grenades,

Then standing back, sniggering, waiting for us to blow our tops.

Ahhh … they’re really not being inconsiderate, are they?

Anyway -

Young bubsy, my progeny ... is a master at "letting go"

Something happens, she doesn't like it, then she’s over it.

Done and dusted.

Something happens to us, we don't like it, and we carry it for, oooh ...

At least a week.


To bubsy, it’s not something that’s done TO her, just something that happened.

You carry stuff well beyond the incident,

Whether that’s a mad toy driving you nuts or an argument in the swimming pool with another parent …

Because it's done TO you, someone is to blame, and you need to make sure you're right -

Even just in your own head.

And because you have built a habit of constantly re-going over the past,

It becomes so you can’t NOT go over it.

The secret to be like bubsy and “let go” is to become more present.

Then unpleasant stuff can happen,

You respond accordingly,

Then you move on.

That would be an amazing skill wouldn't it?

Such freedom there.

So if you do meet someone inconsiderate?

Consider it your chance to practice being more free.

How amazing is that?

Then you can thank them too ...

heh heh

Go well!



Of course, I reckon meditation is your way forward -

Not only for becoming more present,

But helping you let go of stuff that you’re holding onto.

Works like gangbusters.

(Whatever one of those is - but it sounds amazing!)

Head this way if you want to learn more,

A super simple, and super free guide to being more mindful: