That Prosecco Smile

A dentist has come out with a public health warning on excess Prosecco consumption -

Mentioning one thing I hadn't thought about -

That being the damage a lot of sparkling wine can do to the old tooths,

Resulting in, as the good dentist has warned against, a smile that is somewhat less than shiny and whole.


Having recently become a parent myself, I know first hand the advantageous nature of a glass of something good.

Enhances the mood doesn’t it?

Helps you switch off and kick back,

To enjoy those rare moments when you can put your feet up and enjoy doing nothing.

I get that.

What interests me is the point where something helpful becomes a hinderance,

Where it becomes about sedation -

Where you NEED it to cope, to relax, to switch off.

(And I always thought my mum just had a nose with a reddish hue,

Until she retired from work - then her nose returned to a more normal colour.)

Ya know?

What if …

You could switch off and relax as simply as you might switch off a light?

What if you could just ignore certain thoughts so you don’t need to sedate to distract yourself?

That there is one of the biggest results from learning and practicing meditation.

That’s what I’d teach you when you learn to Ascend.

All so you can enjoy your Prosecco,

Without making your teeth run away or your nose turn red, like a demented toothless human reindeer.

Now THAT is quite a thought.

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Go well,



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