Why You Get Stressed And How To Avoid It

I’m so stressed … Actually no, I’m not.

I’m a meditation teacher - and this one is walking his talk.

I have a reputation to uphold (haha - but more importantly my own peace to protect)

But the potential is there - it would have thrown me not too long ago.


I have a to do list the size of my arm, and as it all seems to be needing to be doing at the same time.

We’re moving into a new house and having a baby at the same time.

The house project manager is my father in law and he is the DIY king (which I am not).

So practical, organised, knows what to do when …

And he’s away in Norway.

Of course, everything is going wrong at the same time.

I got this and I got that, and then the phone rings and something else needs my attention, now.


So the potential to be stressed is huge.

Because I know myself, I know my head - I know what I need to do to avoid it.

What is the cause of stress - so YOU can avoid it?

The key thing is that you have left this moment in time.

You are no longer present.

The solution will always be to become present again.

Get out of your head. It’s not as useful as you think it is.

Now, that begs the question:

Why do you leave the present moment, think and feel too much and then get stressed and get a sick feeling in your belly and get ulcers?

Here’s a few reasons. I’m sure there are more, but this’ll do for a start:

1. You are thinking about all the many things you need to do.

You are trying to carry all of it in your head. There is so much that your head is overflowing.

Busy! Frantic!


No matter how busy you are, you can only do one thing at a time.

Do that one thing, be focussed on it and it alone.

Don’t try and speed things along by multi-tasking, you will slow and get stressed.

One thing at a time means you can give your whole attention to what needs be done.

That thing, then the next most important (yet not urgent) thing, then the next.

Don’t carry anything in your head. Write that down if you need to.

If you’re walking, walk. If you’re listening, listen. If you need to prioritise, sit down and work it out. If you’re driving, drive. And maybe sing along to the radio. That's ok.

Do what you are doing. Don't think and do. You'll get overwhelmed with a constant feeling of busy-ness.

2. You are thinking about all the things that might happen

You’re stuck into all the “what if’s?” … future surfing in other words.

If you need to plan for a future - sit down with someone and work through the possibilities.

Do what you can, let go of the rest.

Deal with the possibilities IF, and WHEN, they arise.

Don’t go over and over it in your head. Stay with what you know. Stay with what is right in front of you.

3. You are resisting what is happening

You get stressed when you try and resist an undeniable reality.

It is happening and you don’t like it.

If you can’t do anything? You must work with it.

Stuck in traffic? What can you do?


“Why is this happening to me??” is a huge cause of stress.

It is happening to you - what will you do?

Don’t avoid - sometimes you just have to do it (whatever it is). Sooner you do it, sooner it’s done and you can stop thinking about it.

OK -

If you’d like to overcome stress and struggle the best foundation I know is meditation.

Meditation gives you that awareness and clarity to see and act in a non-stressful way.

It means you can be present and focussed no matter what is going on around you.

Meditation won’t get rid of your problems, but it will put them in perspective so they’re easier to deal with.

Want the easy, simple, powerful way to meditate?

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Go well! Arjuna


Why do people shift house and have a baby at the same time?

What sort of clear thinking went into that decision?

haha - exactly! -