Quick Meditation Tips To Lose Mind Flab

Mind flab?

It’s a scientific truth. A certainty.

How do you rid yourself of unsightly mind cellulite?

Buddha there doesn't have it, because he meditates.

Enter my 5 page Quick Start Guide To Meditation, which you can have for FREE.

I like it a lot - it’s many years of personal experience teaching and practicing squeezed into only a few pages.

Because you want quick and simple, and actually - that is ALL you need.

Don't over complicate something that is so simple (meditation).

Many people just do this all their lives. This is as advanced as it gets in many meditation traditions.

It is the culmination of thousands of years of monks tinkering with it.

I may even be making them mad by letting you in on the secret. Mad monks are quite the sight I can tell you.

If for some reason you don't have one yet/or the dog ate it, go here, opt in and I'll send you one:


You have the means, now get cracking and practice.

Practice shows you so much.

Mastery of the small, whiny, scared, frustrated, confused part of your brain -

(deny it as much as you like, we all have this part - see mind flab, above)

Comes from putting the time in.

I wish I could do it for you, but I can’t.

And actually, IF you practice every day you will find it is rather enjoyable.

Just the amount of rest and recovery on a simple physical level you get is quite significant. Lovely even.

You’ll gather some momentum on your practice just from that.

But you have to get started.


Given what you know right now -

How do you meditate better?

Better! Faster! Stronger!

1. read the FAQs (Quick Tips) that are in that Quick Start Guide.  They will help you so much. In fact, much of below is a re-hash of those, complete that they are.

2. Just friggin do it. Everyday. If you didn’t do it yesterday, definitely do it today.

3. Don’t strain, try, control - it’s not necessary

4. You have thoughts - but if you can witness thoughts it means you are not them. Hmmm … what are you?

5. You will get distracted. Don’t make it a problem. No deal. Honestly.

6. Get comfy. No need to physically strain either.

7. If you feel agitated, chill out.

8. if you really feel agitated, try taking it up a step. Do some deep breathing for example. Head back in when you’re ready.

9. You can’t get this wrong. Really you can’t. See those thoughts that say you’re getting it wrong, and ignore them.

10. Don’t change thoughts - ignore them. Focus on the technique.

11. Do it with your eyes open throughout your day.

Oh - and take nothing seriously.

You’ll end all your problems right there with that one.


Fire them at me!

Go well, keep the peace, and make every day a little more awesome. Arjuna


Don’t you love tips?

I do.

But you can have tips coming out your ears and still do nothing.

The truth is you need no more tips.

If you want to be the best version of yourself, the key is to do it.

No one will do it for you.