Why you need to be careful with comfort and convenience

Something was pointed out to me the other day, you know when you know something, and then someone puts it into words and it just brings so much more clarity and understanding?

I had one of those moments the other day. A very wise man pointed out that humanity is wired to comfort and convenience.

We largely only do that which is convenient and comfortable.

When you want to do something new, you need go beyond the habitual nature of that comfort.

Take a new diet, say you decide to cut out sugar and all processed foods from your eating.

The first thing to do is empty your cupboards of everything that isn’t on the diet, and fill the empty space with good food that is.

You make it convenient to eat the food that you want to.

If it’s convenient to you, it will be simpler to stick with the diet, the diet will then become a habit.

You only need discipline until the new way becomes habitual.

Habitual is another word for comfortable.

You don’t need discipline when something is habitual, because it is comfortable to you, it is more natural.

With our diet example, there is a point where you notice it’s more comfortable to eat well then eat the sugar.

You’ll bite into some Ben and Jerry’s and realise how a tablespoon is now more than enough for you, the 2 bowls you used to eat just make you feel sick.

But until it becomes comfortable you need a little discipline, and you need to make it convenient.

Preparation is everything.

It is the same with your practice of meditation (or whatever your plan entails to be awesome in 2016).

You need to overcome the habit of not doing it. You need to prepare and make it as convenient as possible to do it.

I set a time. Every day I knew that was the time I went to close my eyes.

I set up a little log so I could be accountable. I read inspiring books, kept myself immersed in the world of meditation so it was right in the front my awareness. I told my friends, I did everything I could think of to make sure I sat everyday.

And now I can’t go a day without it. It makes my life more comfortable, the rewards are very convenient.

Meditation has become a habit.

Awesomeness is just a habit.

You get to choose your habits. You get to choose what is natural to you. What is natural is simply what comes easy to you. All easy takes is a little practice. All habits take practice.