Feel like doing nothing at all? I know...

Does anyone else feel like doing absolutely nothing?

I feel like I’m still in hibernation mode - I don’t really care for anything beyond a bit of sofa time with my buddy Harry Potter (back for a re-read).

I have talked with so many people who feel the same way, just low motivation.

I like being in touch with people because it reminds me that a lot of what goes on, goes on for many of us at the same time.

When I was teaching yoga a lot I realised this was happening.

People would get the same malady at the same time. I used to joke that it was back week, or elbow week, or bad digestion week, or “whatever was going around” week.

But it was true - I knew what to expect in other people’s bodies. I knew what would be troubling others based on the previous classes.

I say all this simply because somehow whatever you are experiencing is easier if it’s shared.

Then it’s not “your fault” - it’s just something that’s going around.

If it’s not “your fault” then you can work with it, and not try and force through it.

There is a time for productivity and energy, and there is a time for doing the bare minimum, for being patient and nurturing and restoring.

Does that make sense?

There is a time to push, and then there is a time to take it easy.

The more aware you become, the more you will notice that “flow” within you.

Then the choice is yours - you can push and try and force your way through something you think “should” be happening…

…or you can take the easy - and what I have found (honestly) to ultimately be the more productive - way.

It involves being aware, of tuning in, of being sensitive to what is.

The best way I’ve found to do that is… as you know… meditating. The practice of non-judgemental awareness.

The best way of meditating? The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension.

Simple, easy, it does it for you.

And it gives you a great sense of humour, the ability to cook like a champion chef, and makes you a better lover. Perhaps.

Whatever you do, just close your eyes and start, today. You can’t do it wrong.

Take it easy now