Why Your New Years Resolution Has Already Failed

OK, so I’ll get to the point because it is Sunday, and you have fun things to do - Right after you read this excellent email from me, that is …

Factoid for the day:

90.8% of all New Year Resolutions will fail.

Chances are your resolution has already failed:

Almost a THIRD of all resolutions won’t make a seven days.


You see, people have great intentions -

But they don’t set up the systems to make sure they succeed.

Everyone has started something and then quit.

Am I right?

How do you start something and make sure you keep doing it?

Here’s a few things I have discovered in teaching the Ishayas' Ascension meditation over the years:

All resolutions, whether made in the New Year or not, take regular doing.

If you don’t do them, they don’t happen.

So that’s the first reason trying to change yourself fails.

Sometimes it’s too big. It’s too much change at once.

The change is way too “chunky” and not bite sized enough.

You need easy and simple.

So make a change plan where you make small, achievable goals,

That relate to easy things you can do, even on your worst day,

But then build on that success so what is achievable to you gets bigger.


Measure your improvement, not your distance to your main goal.

Make sense?

If you’re always looking forward you’ll never realise how far you come.

Look back and be successful, look forward and you’re always got further to go -

Which CAN be demoralising (but indeed, not necessarily so).


Get a reason for changing that you are invested in.

Why do you want to change? What happens if you don’t?

Remind yourself of your why, otherwise you may just lose motivation when the dip comes.

The dip always comes - the initial buzz stops, the motivation drops, it becomes too hard - so you stop.

Expect the dip.

Lastly, which may well be the biggest thing …

It’s also why Weight Watchers ads say you may lose up to seven times more weight with them than doing it alone …


i.e. get someone on your side to make sure you do what you said you would.

You can create audacious change if you have accountability.

Get a buddy, a coach, join a group, tell your partner and get them to remind you why.

Public announcements and updates are excellent for this.

You’ll get support - but you’ll also make some people guilty too.

Which may mean you get some funny comments.

No deal - it’s not about you, you’re triggering them.

Keep going!


Because excellence is just a habit.

It’s making sure you do something enough so it becomes a ritual, a non-negotiable part of your day.

And that’s when you ENJOY doing it for it’s own sake, not just for the change you want from it.

It’s the same with learning to control your own mind,

To switch off from work (or doubt or worry) when you want and need to,

To have an incredible relationship,

To get a handle on stress and struggle,

To really be there as your kids grow up,

To have more balance and way more fun - no matter what.

A simple meditation and mindset practice is everything to having that.

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Go well, Arjuna

PS. Have fun out there, alright? -