The French Are Getting Some, Are You?

It’s a fine, sunny morning here in Richmond, Breakfast with Sumati, exercise and Ascension meditation are all done, coffee is in hand.

A good start to the day I’d say.

Found out recently that French workers have started getting legal protection from too much work time due to mobile phones.

Very useful things them phones.

I love mine.

The problem, as you will know if you have a work phone, is being switched on all the time.

So even if you’re at home or on holiday, you feel like you should be checking those emails.

Which means even if you’re with your family, you’re not really.

You’re still at work.

Because you’re thinking about it, you’re not present with them.

This is a huge thing for me because I realise now how much I used to be absorbed by work, and it DIDN'T make my life better, at all.

It made it worse.

“I wish I spent more time at work” -

Said no one ever.

Yet there is a pressure to feel like you should.

If you’re self-employed?

The pressure is probably greater.

Cos the buck stops with you.

But here’s what I’ve noticed.

Unless you have one of those very rare species for a boss -

The enlightened kind who realises they can’t squeeze you all day and all night and still get excellent work from you -

And therefore tells you to go home and switch off, completely -

You have to be the one that makes sure you do - for yourself.

Rest and switching off is not a reward for hard work.

It’s a necessity.

Take the time to do it. No checking just to “make sure”.

You’ll tell yourself it’s only a little bit -

But it’s the thinking about it that counts, that adds to the pile of constantly being "on duty",

That wears you down,

That means you have no energy or time to exercise,

That makes you grumpy and reactive,

That means you’re not present and miss out on seeing your kids grow up,

That means your relationship goes stale underneath your nose, because you’re not there.

You need to find a way to get balance in all aspects of your life.

You actually CAN sit on a chair with one leg -

But it’s exhausting.

Solely focussing on work means you’re going to fall on your arse sooner or later.


Give to your work, but also give to your family, your health and fitness, your sense of fun and adventure, to the sense of connection to your purpose for being here.

Give to all of it.

Then you’ll have a life that nurtures you, that is enjoyable, that is wholly and completely satisfying.

Not just a mad race on the hamster wheel of work and sleep and eat.

You don’t want to be a fanatic about just one part of it.

Good stuff!

Go well - you CAN do this. Arjuna


I know you’re busy, so you need something that fits into your busy life.

A programme to get balance and learn to switch off, especially from your own head, has to fit into your life, not the other way around.

My goal is to keep this supremely simple, something you can do even on your low days.

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