Wife Pride

I’m so proud of my wife. As part of her after-baby classes she was videoed “interacting” with bubba -

So she could get some feedback.

The teacher was impressed -

And now the national organisation is going to use the clip as an example of great baby interaction.

I asked what she did that was special - 

“Nothing” said she.

But she is also an Ishaya and an Ascension meditation teacher and so I know what was special.

What was special was that she is truly present with bubba.

Sumati can focus her attention like a laser.

(Which I know very when I’m in trouble)

But the thing is, kids really respond to you being present with them.

And it’s not only kids - everyone does.

When you listen, when you’re really there, when you’re focussed on the person in front of you, everything changes.

Every single great interaction with anyone that I have ever had in my entire life -

From a teacher to a masseuse to a shop keeper -

All of them were simply but completely present with me.

The worst ones?

They were doing the same job, but “they” weren’t there.

MIA, in their heads, thinking and being somewhere else in space and time.

The moral of the story is if you want better, closer, more alive and connected relationships?

We’re talking romantic, family, friends … professional too,

Making all of life easier and more “full” and more fun for you?

Show up for them.

Be there.

Fully listen and be present.

The simplest thing, but so rarely done.

Know the theory but want help doing the practical?

Here are a bunch of super simple ideas:


Go well! Arjuna


Connecting with people is important to me,

It really is, it makes life so much … richer I guess is the word.

Life is to short for poverty of the soul, is it not?