You always get to go again

The thing about a new year is making new commitments to do different stuff or indeed, do the same stuff differently. Right? Resolutions to get fit, learn that language, be a better mum or dad, wife or husband, try not to lose your temper or worry so much … The fact is you always are beginning again. No matter how great or how terrible you think you’re doing, you’re only as good as what you’re up to now.

Which is nice - you always get another chance. And this moment is the one place you can do anything about. You can have all the good intentions for the future, but this is it. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Forgiveness for past failings is a huge thing then. So many people cling to what they have done wrong, way past the event. The biggest thing you can do is learn and move on. So it went tits up? OK - so what next? Learn and move on.

The purpose of mindfulness and meditation then isn’t only to gain perfect peace and calm, one that is unruffled by challenge or stress.

It is to see where you can live bigger and be more free. It gives you the awareness to step into an even more expanded and chain free and content and effective life.

So you’re going to see places where you react or habits and negativity that you weren’t aware of before. You can be ashamed of these things, or you can use it as fuel to become bigger.

Thats a nice choice, isn’t it? Shame or a launch pad … what do you choose? Go again, always go again. Not only will you get there, you’ll keep going beyond what you thought life could be about. And that is very nice indeed.

I’m here to help too - let me know, I’d love to chat. Go well! Arjuna

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